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Ruby’s Latest Reviews

It’s all shiny for Ruby: The King of Gems in gemmologist Edward Boehm’s review in The Journal of Gemmology

“I can honestly say that in the 40-plus years I’ve been reading about gems, I have never experienced greater joy than from this fabulous tribute to Ruby. […] I highly recommend this magnificent work of art to anyone who wants to learn almost everything there is to know about ruby and the jewellery containing it, or simply wants to be mesmerised by Hardy’s storytelling expertise to escape the burdens of the ‘real world’ for a while. Enjoy!”

See the review here

Read revered gemmologist Richard B. Drucker’s review of Ruby: The King of Gems.

From its formation millions of years ago, to its cutting, setting and the myths and intrigue that surround this stone, ruby is truly the King of Gems. Explore the stories connected to this incredible gem in Joanna’s latest book: Ruby. Available at many retailers, including Waterstones, Foyles, Amazon, Harrods and V&A Book Shop.

Nov 2018 GemGuide Ruby Review.png

Ruby Review, Richard B. Drucker

GemGuide, November/December 2018

Joanna’s Story

The Pemberley Magazine delves deep into Joanna’s past.

Writer Claire Blumenthal reveals Joanna’s unique journey into the world of gemstones and jewellery, from her love of the natural world as a child, to her collaborations with designers and makers today.

Read the full article at The Pemberley Magazine, here

Joanna’s Ruby Insights

Amber Michelle, Chief Curator & Storyteller for the US-based diamond company Rapaport Collection, gives us a quick guide to everything you need to know about rubies.

Read Joanna’s contribution to the story of the beautiful red gem in Amber Michelle’s latest article, ‘Rubies: Red Radiance’, here

Nov 2018 FT NED Thursday 22nd.jpg

She passed!

Joanna is part of the newest graduating cohort of the Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma.

Financial Times, Thursday 22 November 2018

Princess Eugenie’s Lustrous Emerald Tiara

HRH Princess Eugenie of York married Mr. Jack Brooksbank on 12 October 2018 in a wonderful autumnal celebration that included an equally wonderful tiara!

Learn all the details about the emerald tiara that’s truly fit for a princess as we introduce the shining emerald jewel.

Nelson's Lost Chelengk Podcast

Listen to Joanna discuss the fascinating story of recreating Britain's lost jewel

Bestowed upon Admiral Lord Nelson by the Sultan Selim III of Turkey following Britain's defeat of the French in the Battle of the Nile in 1798, this hat jewel once delighted British high society. Tragically, in 1951 the jewel was stolen and never found. In understanding the story of the chelengk, historian Martyn Downer decided to recreate the jewel with the help of London-based craftspeople. Joanna watched the jewel's remarkable journey from original design to sparkling ornament. Listen to the story here.

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