Jewellery Valuations 

Worldwide valuations for insurance and probate - Document your jewels for the next generation

Share the stories behind your jewellery and learn more about each jewel through hallmark analysis and detailed photography.

Joanna uses her extensive knowledge of jewellery and gemstones to value fine jewellery collections. As a Fellow of the Gemmological Association, a former diamond dealer and auctioneer, Joanna is in a unique position to help you understand your jewels.

Joanna Hardy MIRV, Member of the National Association of Jewellers’ Institute of Registered Valuers, IRV/90870.

Valuation Rates

£450 +VAT for the first hour

£250 +VAT for hours thereafter

Valuation time includes a thorough in-person appraisal of your jewellery, measurement and calculation time and report compilation. Complete valuations are delivered to clients in a written format with a Transmittal Letter, Schedule of Property with photographs of each item, Explanatory Notes and Limiting Conditions.

Joanna Hardy reserves the right to negotiate individual charges. Research time for specific objects will be discussed with clients to establish a charging structure.

Travel expenses, either by public or private transport, to be discussed with the client.

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